Reputed Faculty

Reputed Faculty

Having the Delhis Highly Qualified Faculty is the primary pillar of the CHANDIGARH IAS ACADEMY is provides the Best Coaching Classes for General Studies, CSAT, Essay, Sociology, Geography and Anthropology and Medical Science Course Preparation in Chandigarh.

The nine prestigious Faculty Members of Chandigarh IAS Academy

1. Mr. Jatin –Senior Faculty at Delhi’s based Coaching Centres. He is very popular amongst his students for his unique and smart way of teaching his subject. He is vouched for by his students as a synonym of guaranteed success in General Studies learning.

2. Mr.Barun – Senior Faculty at Delhi’s based Coaching Centres. Teaching is his passion and he is god-gifted with the abilities to explain things in this subject so clearly, and in a way that students of varying intelligence levels and those accustomed to different learning styles accommodate equally well.

3. Mr.Vajinder Bhora– Senior Faculty at Delhi’s based Coaching Centres. His concise, yet effective notes are prized possessions of his students and at his current work-place equally. As a highly compassionate and committed educator, he maintains a well-disciplined learning environment, with minimal interruptions and maximum productivity and develops an excellent trusting rapport with all students to make certain that they feel comfortable and motivated.

4. Mr. A.Vasudev– Senior Faculty at Delhi’s based Coaching Centres. He exposes students to the real world subject information delivered by him are stored permanently in students mind since he correlates the subject to day to day living. He reinforces the concepts with different angles; the students are better able to one explanation that makes the subject very easy and more interesting.

5. Mr. Mann- Extensive teaching experience at Chandigarh and Visiting faculty at Delhi based institute. According to his students, he possesses some magical intuitive ability to visualize the mechanism of every chemical reaction. He motivates his students to work hard as according to him. The road to success comes through hard work, determination and sacrifice, No pain, No gain!

6. Ms.Kanika– She has developed her own tools to deliver the subject in very easy manner. She ignites the fire of learning in the mind of students. Her teaching impact on students is not for a year but for a life time. She makes a lasting impression on students. She plays a
role of parent, providing encouragement, inspiration and invaluable guidance.

7. Mr. Amandeep-Extensive teaching experience at Chandigarh His interactive and intelligent approach in teaching these subjects helps students to understand the subject while clearing their doubts simultaneously. He believes that LEARNING is an opportunity to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and so its better done seriously.

8. Mr.O.Sharma- Teaching experience at Chandigarh. He is a great artist and his magical teaching makes the subject very interesting for students. He always says that I am not going to change the world but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will This effective teaching set high standards for students. He creates learning tasks appropriate to the student’s level of understanding.

9. Ms. Shreya- She fosters their analytical abilities, thereby sparking their curiosity to know more and more. This eventually drives them on their mission to satiate their knowledge hunger successfully and also effectively.

All have united together with an aim to provide quality education and enlightenment to students who want to make it to one of the prestigious Civil Services of the country. Their teaching expertise, knowledge and qualifications need no introduction, as they are among the pioneers in teaching and coaching field since its inception. They are all extremely popular among students till date, after having served for long period of time.

In all UPSC coaching courses, our faculty helps students to gain basic conceptual clarity. Obviously, the success stories of our previous batches prove the quality of education. Being the Delhi’s Best Faculty teach you in the city beautiful Chandigarh for Civil Services Exam
preparation, we own a unique learning method. Here is a list of the key features that we promise to deliver to our students:

  • Interactive Classroom Coaching
  • Detailed Test Performance Analysis
  • Latest and Updated Study Materials
  • Excellent administrative Management
  • High-Quality Postal Coaching Material
  • Standard Practice Test Series Programs
  • Interview Guidance and DAF Analysis

Motivational Classes by Our Institutes IAS Toppers
The Teaching Style at Chandigarh IAS Academy What you need first of all is conceptual clarity on all the topics, so that you handle any question with supreme confidence. To do this, we have developed a highly modern & efficient teaching style –
that relies on:

  • Colored figures & interlinked flow charts to illustrate even a small concept. It is this approach that fetches you a 360+score in the IAS Main.
  • Simple & lucid explanation in day to day language, using innovative analogies to totally simplify the concepts.
  • A lot of interactivity during class room discussion, not consolidate your understanding.

Greater emphasis on explanation rather than dictation in the classroom. We are strongly convinced that dictation style of teaching is really primitive and takes away the joy of learning. All the notes you need are already in the printed form, which we revise and update after every batch. So, you can use your classroom sessions to actually develop a mastery on the concepts.