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IAS/PCS/HAS/HCS/RAS are strictly following the NCERT, keeping in view we prepare aspirants to follow it our utmost emphasis is to equip them the mode of asking questions from NCERT, which provides them leading edge in IAS/ HAS/ PCS/ RAS/ HCS exams. At Chandigarh IAS Academy, we are covering each and every aspect of NCERT, not only in classes but also in our value added study material. NCERT is our first and far most concern, which is why we are best coaching centre in Chandigarh. As the preparation progresses students feel relaxed & comfortable in answering any question and easy to understand the newspaper. This is the spinal cord of Chandigarh IAS Academy. Our study material, whether it is basic part or MCQ question is fully impregnated with NCERT content and current affairs all these feature give us the best IAS coaching centre in the Chandigarh.


Civil Services Examination preparation is mainly based on questions practice rather than unwanted lengthy notes. Chandigarh IAS Academy runs an amazing preliminary test series CIAPTS which is unique of its kind in country comprising of 25 tests on UPSC pattern and 25 test for HAS pattern and 25 test for PCS which provides more than 7500MCQ questions and best IAS mains test series CIAMTS which makes us best IAS Coaching Centre in Chandigarh. Strictly NCERT and THE HINDU is followed for framing questions of test & assignments, it’s the backbone of Chandigarh IAS Academy this feature give us the top IAS coaching in Chandigarh. All the tests conducted before month of March, once the syllabus is over students are given 15 days revision time for revising whole syllabus & then again gets an opportunity to give full length mock tests till their actual competitive exams. Students are provided regular test assignments for mains test in coherency with the mains test series before they actually write their CIAMTS tests. Our discussion on each test makes us, the top IAS coaching in Chandigarh and give the one stop solution for exam preparation.

To avoid last minute hurry in IAS exams we at Chandigarh IAS Academy, i.e., top IAS coaching centre in Chandigarh provides 20 minute less time than actual, this is just to feel relaxed while writing actual Preliminary and Mains exam. For revising the syllabus, questions are asked from the beginning of the course in each test, this helps students to go through the entire syllabus again & again.


The entire staff and faculty of Chandigarh IAS Academy work round the clock to care of its aspirants this is a very unique feature of top IAS coaching centre in Chandigarh. The principal behind it is is to provide best and homely environment for preparation of IAS/PCS/HAS/HCS/ RAS. Here aspirants feel free to discuss all their problems and get best solutions and Chandigarh IAS Academy treate every student as its own child. We believe that homely touch brings the best efficiency of every aspirants, personnel care and parental care, regular counseling and motivation is the hallmark feature of Chandigarh IAS Academy and certified us as the top IAS coaching in chandigarh. We belive that ‘every student is a born genius with unlimited potential’ only thing which Chandigarh IAS Academy do is to train them with all possible care which we have. Care at every step during the entire coaching schedule provides the level playing field to all our students, which makes us best IAS coaching centre in Chandigarh.


Success lies on the strong foundation. Proper discussion and proper time on each topics lays the ground for the strong fundamentals of the subject. The mixture of hard work along with happiness is a part and parcel of the Chandigarh IAS Academy which which makes us best IAS coaching centre in Chandigarh. Chandigarh IAS Academy works in coherency, the dedicated and disciplined faculty holds the potential to transform even a mediocre student to a class and excellence aspirant, we believe that hard work is best way to grab the goal which makes us the top IAS coaching in Chandigarh.
NEWSPAPER DISCUSSION: As now a days each exami of civil services, preliminary and mains is based on currents and newspaper plays an important role. Chandigarh IAS Academy gives proper attention to the prevailing requirement of the exam. We at Chandigarh IAS Academy helps you to inculcate the habit if reading newspaper, how to extract relevant information from newspaper, how to make language impressive through newspaper. These features make us the top IAS coaching in Chandigarh. We at Chandigarh IAS Academy provides you regular discussion on the mains articles from newspaper for the concept building, making notes from the newspaper which are to be used in preliminary as well as in mains examination and regular presentation by students regarding newspaper material relevant for the examination makes us the top IAS coaching in Chandigarh.