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IAS Prelims Test Series is getting started by the best IAS Coaching in Chandigarh that is Chandigarh IAS Academy. Chandigarh IAS Academy Test series is designed by the team of best IAS faculty and selected candidates to give comprehensive testing environment and practice for the aspirants, who are appearing this year in India’s most challenging civil services entrance examination (UPSC-CSE-2020). IAS prelims GS Test Series by Chandigarh IAS Academy is the best way to test you and specially designed by Mann sir and best IAS test series in Chandigarh. This test series will have 20 test, which will cover sectional as well as whole syllabus test. Initially each subject will have sectional test which will be followed by revision of each subject. Major focus is on multiple revisions. Simple pattern of IAS Prelims Test Series was designed with the same approach which is adopted by UPSC. IAS Prelims GS Test Series by Chandigarh IAS Academy is the best way to test yourself for the actual IAS Prelims Test. Chandigarh IAS Academy is most exceptional educational institute of Civil Services aspirants and among the best IAS Coaching Centres in Chandigarh.

S.NoCodeSubjectSub topics
1.CIAPTS-P1Polity 1Acts and Laws of British India era, Making of the constitution, Preamble, Union & States, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy, Citizenship, Fundamental Duties, Basic structure of the constitution, Amendments, Emergency provisions, Centre-state relation, Inter-state Relation, other Recent Development and Current Affair of August 2018
2.CIAPTS-P2Polity 2Union and State executives, Parliament and State legislature, Judiciary and Current Affair of September 2018
3.CIAPTS-P3Polity 3Panchayati Raj institutions, Constitutional bodies and all non- constitutional bodies, Elections, The Schedule and Tribal areas, Services and Tribunals, Special Provisions Relating to certain Classes, Pressure and Interest Groups,Official language Provisions, Special Provisions to Different States and Other Remaining Topics and Current Affair October 2018
4.CIAPTS-E1Economic 1India Economy National Income Accounting – Definition – Concepts: GDP, GNP, Measurement Money and Banking – Function of Money, Evolution of Money etc. Banking: Need of Banks, Functions, Types, Banking Reforms, Central Bank and its role, Inflation and Employment – Definition, types etc. Government Budgeting and Fiscal Policy -Budgeting, types, its evolution in India, Process, Component etc. – Public finance, Revenue and Expenditure, Deficits, Taxes, Debts etc. Current affairs of November, 2018
5.CIAPTS-E2Economic 2External Sector and Currency Exchange-rates, BoP, BoT, International trade, IMF, WTO, Trade policies, issues and challenges etc. Capital Market-Terms and Concepts, Agriculture and Industry Services, Infrastructure and Communication, Five year Plans Economic Reforms since 1991, Foreign Trade India and IMF, WTO , WIPO India and International Institutions IPRs. Current Affairs of December, 2018
6.CIAPTS-EV1EnvironmentEcology; Ecosystem; Pollution; Sustainable Development Goals; Science; Biodiversity; Climate Change; Sustainable Agriculture and Other Practices; International Organizations’ related to Environment; Current Affairs of January 2019
7.CIAPTS-G1Geography 1Geomorphology- The origin and Evolution of Earth, origin of life, Interior of Earth, Geology, Earth quake, Volcano, Geomorphic Process, Distribution of Continents and Oceans, Landforms – Running water, Glaciation, Arid and Limestone, Weathering, Mass Movement , Groundwater, Landforms and their Evolution, Landform across the World, Maps of Europe and south America and current affair related to Feburary
8.CIAPTS-G2Geography 2Oceanography and Climatology and Maps of Africa and Oceania and current affair related to geography Current affairs related to March
9.CIAPTS-G3Geography 3Indian Geography and Maps of North America and Asia and current affair related to geography
10.CIAPTS-M1Modern IndiaModern India and Culture related to it +Current affairs
11.CIAPTS-AI1Ancient IndiaAncient India and Art and culture related to it +Current affairs
12.CIAPTS-ME1Medieval IndiaMedieval India and Culture aspects +Current affairs
13.CIAPTS-SCI-Science and TechnologyGeneral Science-Basics, Techonolgy related aspects-Current affairs related aspcets +Current affairs
14.CIAPTS-HF14 pillarHistory+Geography+Economy+Polity +Current affairs
15.CIAPTS-HF24 pillarScience and Tech+Environment+IYB+Budget +Current affairs
16.CIAPTS-CSATCSATCSAT-Complete syllabus
17.CIAPTS-GS 1Full SyllabusMock Test
18.CIAPTS-GS 2Full SyllabusMock Test
19.CIAPTS-GS 3Full SyllabusMock Test
20.CIAPTS-GS 4Full SyllabusMock Test



Test Format:

  • Detailed and comprehensive time bound evaluation within 7 Days.
  • Tests to be held on Sundays as per schedule
  • Simulation of UPSC examination environment.
  • Questions in accordance with UPSC pattern with thorough coverage of the entire syllabus.

Mentorship and Discussion:

  • Personalized one to one feedback for continuous improvement.
  • Detailed model answers and test discussion by subject experts.
  • Support through telephonic calls and WhatsApp.
  • Video discussions will be provided on student portal.


  • Flexibility of self-scheduling can be availed, but POSTPONE only.
  • Flexibility of opting online or offline mode.

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