How to Prepare the IAS/HAS/PCS/RAS/HCS Preliminary Exam?

“You cannot change your future but you can change your habit and surely your habit will change your future”-

Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.

Most aspirants preparing the civil services examination by reading so many books and reading various newspapers, making notes, taking online video classes, attempting so many test series and most importantly preparing themselves mentally for this exam. Chandigarh IAS Academy, which has been one of the Best IAS institute in Chandigarh, would like to share some useful advice which is gained from its years of experience helping so many of aspirants who crack these examination. The basic approaches whether you are beginner or last attempter, to prepare the prelimiinary examination is always see the previous year question papers. The purpose of it is to familiarise with the pattern of questions what the UPSC/PPSC/HPPSC/HPSC/RPSC wants the candidate to know and what information is relevant for this exam. This approach will helps you whenever you are preparing from any reading material and more importantly will help them overcome doubts regarding what the UPSC/PPSC/HPPSC/HPSC/RPSC might or might not ask from any given topic. After you are fairly familiar with the previous year’s pattern of questions, you may proceed with covering or revising the NCERT books. If time does not permit a full reading of these books, you may solve Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) based on the NCERT books and make notes from the solutions to these questions. Another most important task is reading newspaper. Reading a newspaper day is very important it helps with current affairs and general knowledge, with understanding various aspects of any given topic, and most importantly reading the newspaper daily creates and sustains the habit of reading. Here at Chandigarh IAS Academy we followed the sure success approach in preparing the preliminary examination which makes us the Best IAS Institute in Chandigarh

  • Complete the whole syllbaus in holositic way and regulary revise it.
  • Maintian the proper balance between the fact and analaysis part, both is essential for the prepartion.
  • Quality coverage..
  • Memorisation and understanding of the topic.

All these aspects make us the best IAS Institute in Chandigarh. A question that frequently arises in the mind is whether to continue preparing the Optional subject once one has entered the month of March during the prepartion. For freshers, or first attempters, the foremost goal should be to clear the Preliminary. Clearing the Preliminary examination revitalize to a new aspirant’s civil service journey. Hence, if preparing the Optional subject effects the preparation for Preliminary examination, then fresher should absolutely stop preparing it at once. However, for those who have already cleared the Preliminary examination in earlier attempts and want to score good marks in the Mains examination, the advice for them is to continue preparing the Optional subjects, and write atleast one answer daily. For such aspirants, the preliminary examination prepartion month is only month of April and may and that that time is sufficient. Another advise them for giving CIAPTS test series offline at our centre i.e., Chandigrah IAS Academy SCO-177 TF, Sector 37-C, Chandigarh, which is one of the best IAS Institute in Chandigarh. This test series helps you in giving punctuality, simulating actual exam feeling and cover the each topics in holistic way so that you can able to score good marks in the day of final examination. In conclusion, Chandigarh IAS Academy which is the top IAS coaching in Chandigarh would like to give you advise is don’t use excessive mobile phone , TV, watching you tube video and give your best time in the preparing of the civil service of examination and doing one thing at a time with full concentration is better for this exam. The last point here is perhaps the most important – learning to enjoy the process of preparing for the IAS/PCS/HAS/HCS/RAS. It is well known that if someone enjoys doing something, the rate of success increases largerly, and for any students who enjoys the process of preparing for the IAS/PCS/RAS/HCS/HAS, the probability for success rate is very high. That why we are the best IAS institute in the Chandigarh.

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